Naturally Healthy Weight Loss Course For Nutritionists and Allied Health Practitioners

Find out how to support your clients in the most efficient way with their desire to lose weight.

You will learn:

  • A STEP-BY-STEP easy to follow guide on helping any client lose weight holistically
  • How to holistically support clients beyond just diet and exercise
  • How hormonal health effects weight loss (adrenals and cortisol, thyroid, sex hormones)
  • The connection between digestion, liver health, inflammation and blood sugar regulation
  • How to break clients out of the fad diet cycle into a holistic, long-term and healthy lifestyle
  • How to make the process of losing weight pleasant and enjoyable
  • How to help clients understand the mind body connection so they are more empowered through the ups and downs in the weight loss adventure
  • How to help clients see it is not really about the “weight”…it is about honoring the body, and feeling happy and healthy in a body that is comfortable to be in 24/7
  • How to keep your clients motivated and inspired
  • Which way of eating is best: Comparing many common well known diets and their effectiveness in weight loss.

Stand out and offer ANOTHER way that leaves your clients INSPIRED to become healthier. Join us to find out How!

Date and Time:

 Wednesday June 15th from 6:00pm-8:00pm




$55 includes handbook with checklist to use with clients.



Info will be sent once you register on how to access the meeting