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Trouble Losing weight? Read about these factors that are often overlooked

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I hope summer has been beautiful for you so far. 
Today I would like to share about an issue I am asked about frequently: what can help with weight loss. 

It seems that there are plenty of misconceptions about what can and cannot help with weight loss. It can be pretty confusing…

Often people feel they are doing the right things but are not seeing results, or others don’t know how to begin the process of having a healthy and happy body. 

In talking to people, I notice these areas are often ignored:

1. Hormonal health (thyroid, estrogen and cortisol)

Solution: Get tested through a saliva or urine hormone panel. Then we take steps to create harmony via nutrition, herbs, supplements, acupuncture and more.

2. Eating habits. For example, if one is sensitive to certain foods but continues to consume them, this can lead to increased stress on the immune system. I often see people who cut out their food sensitivities also lose unnecessary weight and feel less bloated overall.

Solution: Test for food sensitivities and then once you receive your results we talk about a meal plan to support your body.
3. Not enough necessary  vitamins and minerals in the diet leading to unbalanced biochemical processes connected to energy levels. This leads to a perception of low energy and fatigue and therefore the craving for sugary foods that lead to weight gain.

Solution: Test for vitamin and mineral status and we can also discuss your symptoms to determine what may be low.
4. Faulty Beliefs. The mind-body connection is huge and often when addressed in relation to weight loss provides a breath of fresh air.

Solution: After some discussion we can bring light to this area and a plan of action in how to become more empowered. Time to let go of what no longer serves!
Please share this note with anyone you know who may be struggling with losing weight. Sometimes a fresh perspective can bring new hope and inspiration and a path to move forward powerfully, with support. 

Best wishes,
Dr. Alexina Mehta 
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