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The Natural Solution for Children

I recently did a talk at Little House Tutoring school, sharing on topics such as how to manage stress and anxiety in children, how to improve focus and concentration in your kids, how to boost your child’s immune system and how to keep your children lean and fit. The crowd was eager to learn more about how to manage their children’s anxiety in particular.   I began the talk by informing parents that these topics are all actually connected to the other… that one part actually effects the whole.   Here are 4 tips to get your children moving in the right direction:

1. Behavior:  We are creatures of habit and children are no different- when we start asking why are our children anxious we also have to reflect on how we are when something stressful happens in our own lives. Thus can give a clue as to why our children are doing what they are doing.

2. Diet: Emphasize foods such as essential fatty acids, avoid carbohydate only meals and ensure protein rich food is added at each meal. 

3. Deep breathing works!  Try it, do it when you are around your children and notice the calming effect it has on them.  

4. Get your children playing outside- its “natural” and gets them connected to nature and also reminds them of how good it feels to be outside and moving the body. This produces a longing for more.

For more tips and information, contact us at the office and we’d be happy to help!

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