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The Mystery, Medicine and Majesty of Ancient Egypt

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I am now back over a week from a most astonishing journey to Egypt with a wonderful group. Studying ancient civilizations gives us great insight into the human condition and can inform us in being more conscious in where we would like to go next. 

In my work, I often encounter people who are unwell, and who hope to become well.
On that journey of becoming well, it is inevitable to begin a process of  self inquiry and investigation on what has taken place in ones life that has led to the current state of being.
Our thoughts, words and actions shape who we have become and similarly, by changing unhelpful thoughts, words and actions, we can affect our future.  Many people do not know how to live- it sounds strange, but not taking care of one’s health is not living…because without our health, we cannot live… it is a slow death. Why do we do things that we actually do not want to do? These places where unconsciousness resides are like blindfolds over our eyes, and they are everywhere. What to do about it? Observe, commit to waking up and transforming yourself into a better version and act with the wisdom from learning your lessons. Life is so precious, so sacred, and a tremendous gift. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says:

“Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.”

The journey towards wisdom and love is more then simply stating we would like to be love, or believe in love. It involves an inspired determination to face all that is stopping love in life, and that is a process worth living for…as parts of us that create illness and destruction die. There are several traditions that honor love and wisdom at the center, and I was inspired to discover that ancient Egyptian tradition inspires us to allow the false to die, so we may be reborn in the light of truth. 

While in Egypt, I was interested in learning about a few things in particular:
1. How this culture saw healing.
2. How this culture engaged with healing practices.
3. How this advanced society lived day to day.
I went to Egypt with little conscious knowledge of the culture. My father did give me the middle name, Cleopatra, which made me curious about why. I had not resonated with this name most of my life, it seemed like a very strong name (after the Queen of Egypt;). However, I learned later that this name means “glory to the father” (for some reason I did not know that before). Well, live and learn…now I do. 🙂 My intention in Egypt was to simply observe and take in what we were being taught from a place of beginners mind. In the many days of travelling from temple site to temple site, there was so much to absorb and little time to understand. Now, I am beginning the wonderful journey of comprehending what I had seen and felt in those sacred sites in my heart.
Meeting the Sphinx with my very own eyes was a dream come true. I have had an affinity for the Sphinx for the past year, feeling connected somehow to what it represents. To finally witness it first hand was a marvel!
The Temple of Osiris in Abydos was a powerful place. Osiris is known as the God of the Underworld and I most certainly had a profound experience in this temple. Being in this temple reminded me that healing is a process, and the journey and integration of healing happens in divine time and when we are sincere in our seeking, and truly wanting to understand the truth. We must be willing to let go of what is not in the best interest of the highest path of our life. In this, humility becomes your best friend, as letting go in a state of grace is the least painful way to move forward…for something much greater than what the eyes can see…the heart knows and we must learn to trust the heart.
By walking on this path of light, the false becomes more clear. Courage comes from stepping into this truth and continuing to let go of the false. The more we walk towards truth, the more peaceful we become deep in our heart. The more peaceful we become, the more peaceful our life and all that is in it becomes. Everyone benefits.
The Hathor Temple was a joy to experience…light and playful was the feeling for me in this temple. Beauty was evident everywhere in this sacred space, especially in the preservation of the blue hue coloring on the hieroglyphic paintings and columns throughout the temple. Within this temple, there are altars dedicated to the Goddesses Hathor and Isis. A very feminine feel, it was lovely to be in this Goddess temple. Inexplicable majesty and joy can be felt here. It reminded me of the grace that is the divine feminine, and how each one of us has this connection within our own being for deep healing and the regeneration of peace. 
Visiting the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae was profound. To start, we woke up very early to begin our pilgrimage at 4:30am followed by a serene boat ride to the island of Philae. It is said that the veils are very thin between the hours of 4am and sunrise, as at this time, we are able to ascertain the subtler dimensions of life more easily. I certainly find this myself and truly enjoyed this way of beginning the day. Once we arrived in the temple of Isis, we did a beautiful practice of Breathwork. It was a remarkable experience of healing for me to be in this beautiful Goddess temple, as I felt very nurtured by the divine feminine beauty. I had come down with a cold a few days prior, and while in breathwork, I had a moment when I literally could feel my body healing. It felt like a miracle, and restored yet again, my faith in the power of meditation and self observation in the midst of sacred space for healing. 
The third temple that made a significant impression on me was the Temple of Kom Ombo featured below, also known as the medicine temple where people used to pilgrimage to receive healing from the Gods and Goddesses. Inscribed on the walls are hieroglyphic representations of the calendar, the first surgeries, and the preparation of herbal remedies from mother nature’s plant kingdom. 
I obviously felt very connected to the mission of the temple as a refuge for healing the sick and bringing about the elixer of life through reconcilation, rectification and moving forward with newfound knowledge and wisdom of oneself.
All in all, I know that my insights regarding ancient Egypt are only just beginning, as this deep and rich land has touched my heart on many more levels than I can consciously fathom at the moment. With time, I trust more teachings will unveil themselves and enrich my understanding of healing, health and inner peace which are so very much needed at this time, for all beings. Namaste, from my heart to yours. 

Dr. Alexina Mehta


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    Beautiful Alexina, thank you for sharing!
    Namaste, Takuhi❤️

    • dralexina
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      Thank you Takuhi! Much love and light to you xxx

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