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Talk to Your Nature Doc: Question of the Day: How can I stay inspired by life when I start to feel blue?

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The question of the day from one of our audience members: How Can I stay inspired by life when I start to feel blue?

Doctor: Great Question! Thank you for asking. Your question has provoked this blog post, which probably will turn into a video blog soon enough!

Feeling blue or depressed is a very real for many people, however, you are not your condition. You could be having an experience of a “condition” – but that is very different.

So who are you then ?

Many people believe that their health status defines them. Often times I hear the following statement, “I am <substitute the health condition here>. Beyond this, many people believe that the house they live in, the car they drive, the kinds of friends they have, the places they have traveled to, or the number of degrees they have defines who they are.

Who you are is much more then what you have, where you have been, or what your credentials are.

I’d like to share a story with you that changed everything for me.

Several years ago, I was driving down one of Vancouver’s beautiful tree lined streets, and it hit me: “Every single person I will ever know and meet in this life will die one day.”

I was flabbergasted on some level…how could this be that I had little or no understanding of the greater vision of life?

This thought initially provoked fear within me. The thought of life lost was too much to bear. Then, I realized, I needed to learn more about this journey of life. I needed to understand how it worked, what was behind it and how I could step into my life more fully and presently.

Remembering that there is a bigger picture everyday helps in seeing the parts of life in context within a larger map. Reminding yourself that you are on a journey which has some twists and turns, rest stops and periods of intense endurance can be helpful.

Meditation is a tool I highly recommend for all my patients to cultivate a feeling of inspiration. I am not talking about sitting an hour each day, although it can look like that. I am referring to becoming more present daily, in more moments throughout the day. Pinching oneself to become more present, looking up at the sky for a moment to see past your immediate situation, stopping to take deep breaths all brings us to the present moment. The present moment is where the possibility to change inhabits.

Remember the last time you felt wind blow on your face when you were feeling overheated? The wind brought a welcome spontaneous change and relief. Bringing yourself to the present moment does the same thing. There is a sense of relief that happens when we can feel that life lives in the now, and your sense of being alive awakens.

I believe human beings are seeking experiences in feeling alive. Inspiration lives in the breath, and breath gives us life. Life is to be present and to feel the love that exists within your heart. When I was studying death and dying several years back, I came across Dr. Kuhl’s book called “What Dying People Want.” In reading the book, I came to realize that a life well lived is one built on meaningful relationships, meaningful actions and feelings of love.

So, who are you?

You are that which is eternal within you.
You are that which is indestructible within you.
You are that which is free from pain and suffering within you.
You are that which radiates the light of the creator that allows you to be here now.
You are sacred.

Everything else will fall away.

So can you be inspired by that which is you forever?

I dare you to try…

Wishing you peace, love and freedom in your journey, now and always.

Dr. Alexina Mehta

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