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Talk to Your Nature Doc Question of the Day: How long till I feel better?

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Ahhh, the question that most of us ask when we feel horrible…whether the flu that hits you like a ton of bricks, or whether emotionally you feel downtrodden because of an argument with your partner or parent or whomever…feeling “bad” is never ideal, and stimulates most of us to want to “feel better.”

So one of our audience members asks me, “Doc, How long till I feel better?”

I’m going to deconstruct this statement so you can understand the greater dynamics involved in feeling better in an acute situation and how you can translate this into the bigger picture of your life journey.

What’s the drive to feel better? Think of the last time you got the cold or flu and you could not feel “your energy” to be able to do the things you love, let alone complete your daily tasks like take care of the kids, go to work, develop your business etc.

When the body is “effected” our attention moves towards the effected part. So, if you have a sore throat, all of a sudden your awareness goes there, so as to solve the problem..(hopefully!). Sometimes when we are suffering in the body and we do not pay attention right away, what happens is that it typically gets worse…but more on this later!

What I recommend is the following:

In order to “feel better” as fast as possible, seek guidance from a trusted health professional on understanding the nature of what is going on if you are not certain yourself.

Then begin a process of self inquiry, where you ask “what is my body trying to tell me right now?”

Don’t be alarmed if you do not receive answers immediately. Sometimes it takes some time before you know what is going on. But be clear inside yourself that you want to learn the lesson associated with whatever discomfort you are experiencing so you can be smarter and wiser. In my experience, it is important to make this clear to your body. The body and mind are not always on the same page- as an example- would you consciously make yourself catch a flu? I don’t think so.

So, back to the question: How long till I feel better?

One thing I have learned, is that finding peace and calm in the discomfort goes a long way. When our bodies are trying to work something out, adding mental anxiety to the recipe doesn’t help. So do what you need to do to find peace and calm in the midst of the storm. Get guidance from a seasoned practitioner, read books, listen to inspiring music, repeat mantras that mean something to you, connect to the divine or talk to a friend who you love and trust.

A dear friend of mine once said to me that when a huge boulder sits on the side of the mountain, winds come, rains come, squirrels come, and little by little the boulder shifts in where it sits. But then, all of a sudden, another slight movement can cause the boulder to move quickly down the mountain. Every action that you take to better yourself- mind, body and spirit, has the potential to move mountains in your life. We can not always predict when, but when things move, they really move.

Feeling better is a journey. Every small action you take contributes to the greater journey of being the best you can be in your life. So, commit to choosing love, life and peace and watch the flowers in the garden of your life blossom. That’s another point…how can your life become a garden? In creating a garden, care must be made in choosing what we plant. I urge you to plant love and peace. These energies are healing, and are also your natural state. You make the choice- and life supports this choice.

Light and Blessings for a Powerful and Profound Journey,
Dr. Alexina Mehta


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