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So you think you should meditate? Start here!

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So you want to meditate? Visualize? Say some affirmations? Shift your energy?

The other day I was asked if I could recommend a good book on meditation or beginners and I realized I had a lot to say on the subject.  Hence, this blog post was born!
Here are some trusty tools to start meditating fast and make it work for you!
Simple Intention Meditation
1. Find an inspiring spot in your home where you can place a meditation cushion up against a wall (so you can sit with some back support).
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe out and breathe in being aware that you are breathing. Do this for about 5 minutes where you simply stay aware of your breathing. Warning…it might be longer then 5 minutes..it feels very relaxing!
3. Take a moment to connect with your intention for your meditation: ie. I am calm or I am connected to my heart or today I will focus on kindness through my daily interactions or today I will stay focused on my tasks, or today my body is healing and becoming healthier..pick an intention or two that resonates with you.
4. Then as you breathe in and out, ask to receive a message from your higher self (the wise part of you 🙂 to further guide you on your day.
Visualization is something many do unconsciously or not at all. The most powerful tool you have is  your own awareness. Rather then it be an unconscious activity that you move into whenever (day-dreaming, imagining worst case scenarios, repeating experiences in your mind that happened long ago), take charge of your mind-space and visualize with a clear intention what you really want in your life.
This moment is it. Truly. There is no past or future here as you read this…
The present moment is where the gold nugget lies. It is here and now that you can create an internal shift with what thoughts and visualizations you are projecting into your world.
What sorts of things can you visualize? Here are some examples:
-Imagine your body undergoing healing processes
-Visualize yourself running a race strong and determined or playing a sport impeccably
-Visualize yourself happy and thriving
Saying an affirmation is like hitting re-start on your computer. You are re-starting yourself to align with a statement that contains inspiration to move you back to your center or take you higher.
Some examples:
I am at ease and calm.
I attract abundance easily.
My body is a temple and I honor and respect my body.
My life is a constant stream of miracles.
You can say an affirmation at a regular time in the day or when you feel like saying it.  
Ok, get started using the above tools, and more free tips are on there way!

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