Dr. Mehta, N.D. offers a wide range of services. She uses an extensive variety of modalities and treatment tools to support you and inspire you to better health. Based on your initial consultation, she will recommend which modalities are most appropriate for you. If you have a preference for certain modalities, please indicate that to Dr. Mehta, N.D. when you discuss with her in your initial consultation.

Biotherapeutic drainage:

A system of drainage therapy that can be used for various conditions. Works at the level of the cellular matrix.

Exercise therapy:

The use of specific exercises to strengthen weak muscles and release tight muscles. Dr. Mehta, N.D. has 15 years experience in exercise therapy including pilates, yoga dance and strength and conditioning. Her bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics gives her a solid understanding of exercise therapy and. She has worked with many professional level athletes as well.

Herbal (Botanical) Medicine:

Mother nature’s medicine. Plants have been used all globally since the beginning of medicine. Herbs are prescribed either in the form of a tea, tincture, plant essence, tablets or capsules. Herbs can be taken orally, and depending on the concern, can be applied topically as a cream or even used in the bath.


This healing modality has been used all over the world from India, to South America, North America to Europe. Minute amounts of natural substances are given to stimulate the body's self healing capabilities. A fascinating therapy that has been well documented by avid homeopaths through the centuries.


The use of water as a therapeutic agent. This modality uses variations in the temperature of water to create a healing effect. It could be compared to the treatments found in European spas with pools with varied temperatures. This treatment is known to be effective in the treatment of colds, flus, chronic infections and fatigue. Leave feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time.

Lifestyle Counseling:

Integrative approach to counselling that seeks to restore balance and create a sense of ease and peace.


Dr. Mehta, N.D. will give you feedback on the kind of foods she would recommend for you once she has an understanding of your history, concerns and current nutrition. The recommendations given regarding your food intake are specific to your concerns, needs, likes and what she feels will best help your health concerns.

Physical Medicine:

Correction of stress or misalignments of muscle, connective tissue and the skeletal system. Dr. Mehta, N.D. does adjustments to realign the skeletal system as needed. Also used therapeutically: water, light therapy, soft tissue release techniques and exercise therapy. Dr. Mehta, N.D. is also certified in Bowen therapy and has done training in Craniosacral therapy.

Prescription Medications:

Dr. Mehta, N.D. has prescribing ability and can prescribe a wide range of commonly known medications as necessary. Based on your unique case, she will assess the most appropriate solution for you in the context of helping you with your symptoms as well as treating you as whole.


Recommendations for supplements are done to correct deficiencies/excesses based on your unique history. Supplements can be taken as powders, liquids, capsules and tablets. Dr. Mehta, N.D. will take into consideration your needs and preferences as well as make recommendations.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture:

A system of diagnosis and treatment involving the use of Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture to correct patterns of imbalance and create harmony.

Meal Plan Design:

Many patients request meal plans as they are uncertain in how to properly structure a schedule of eating that makes sense for their lifestyle and needs.

Mind body Awareness techniques:

Dr. Mehta, N.D. can help you understand the connection between your physical symptoms and the mind.