Empower yourself so you can LIVE the health you deserve!

Just because you haven’t been being so well doesn’t mean you have to stay like that. There is another way.

  • You are determined to feel better. You are concerned about your health, and you understand that the quality of everything else in your life depends on your health.
  • You’ve tried to help yourself improve things, but are not getting the clarity and peace of mind you need with your health concerns.
  • You have researched your symptoms, tried some treatments or medications and are not feeling much different.
  • You are tired of feeling unwell and not understanding why you are this way.
  • It makes you wonder…
  • Is better health really possible for me?
  • Is there another way that I don’t know about?!

The answer is YES!

The fact that you care enough is a start. But- there are certain things you need to learn when it comes to improving your overall state of health.

And yes, you can start feeling better RIGHT NOW, but you need to learn how to do that. Education is KEY.

Because when you have the knowledge and the willingness to look with new eyes, then when you will finally have:

  • An understanding of why you feel unwell (relief)
  • A plan of action to implement (forward movement)
  • A plan with strategies and techniques to help you if you fall off track (safety net)
  • A sense of direction in the process of getting healthier (peace of mind)

Yes, this is exactly what you will get when you have the knowledge and direction to move towards the healthier version of yourself… so you can truly enjoy the rest of your life which can bring so much more happiness.


The World Health Organization defines health as:

A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Feeling discouraged because of a health condition? It may be time to consider natural healthcare options. Watch this video of a patient who shares her story of triumph over rheumatoid arthritis.

I have learned so much from Dr. Alexina and feel more at peace with my path. As a Life & Health Insurance Specialist, I am someone that is very aware of what someone’s family physician will educate the patient on and what their protocol is. I often find that there isn’t clear communication with the patient and family doctor; there seems to be areas that are rarely ever addressed if ever – such as Nutrition and Supplements. There are also sources of treatment that are quite straight lined through the medical system; almost like a band aide approach to reactions from a state of ill health.

When I met Dr. Alexina, I knew that I had met my match. She was warm and genuinely caring, so smiling and always with a great perspective. I started to see her when I was pregnant and needed help managing my protein intake for my diet. She gave me all sorts of options and we discussed the requirements that I needed and I felt very good about my health decisions with her input. I always believed in what she is suggesting and trust her completely to use her expertise in the many modalities she has access to; to help me transform my body into a well working happy, healthy form.

I tell everyone I know, including my clients that it’s important to take care of your health and well-being; and often offer the experience to meet Dr. Alexina. I am proud to call Dr. Alexina my primary physician and care-giver. I haven’t had to see my family physician since before I was pregnant. I was referred by my family physician to a midwife clinic and after I had my son, I was very proud to see Alexina for anything I needed. It’s especially beneficial to see a Naturopath while you are pregnant or nursing; since you can’t take any medications if you have a cold, or if you have problems with digestion or if your baby gets eczema who knew it could be something that came from what I was eating.

I have learned so much from Dr. Alexina and feel more at peace with my path to a fully well working happy healthy form both inside and out.

Thank you Dr. Alexina.

Ashleigh Fonseca Squamish, BC

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Her genuine care for her patients and her holistic approach to well-being are what makes her standout. Dr. Metha knows so much about healthcare and has so many techniques and remedies to assist a person. I have recommended her to my family and close friends – they couldn’t agree more!

Nish Thaver, BSc, BEd

Dr. Alexina Mehta will not only support you, but she will also educate you in the steps you need to take to become healthier overall.

“Where do I start?”

Depending on what your concerns are, you can start with booking an initial consultation HERE! Be sure to fill out the intake form found HERE and bring with you to your appointment or come 15 minutes early to fill out. Simple. There are a number of programs that are offered below. If you know which one you would like to do, let Dr. Mehta know. Also, a program may not be the best option for you. It might be you need something different which you have the opportunity to discuss in your initial consultation.

What to expect:

You meet the doctor for an initial consultation. From there, the modalities recommended for your program are explained. All programs are customized to meet your personal needs. They consist of a combination of treatments to optimize the healing process for you.

Examples of INSPIRE AND EMPOWER Programs:

If you would like to do one of these programs, please let Dr. Mehta know in your consultation with her.

Anti-Aging Program:

For anyone who is looking to support cellular health through supplements, diet, herbal remedies and more. Cell health leads to organ health. This holistic approach to supporting the body creates health and a feeling of vitality.

Autoimmune Management Programs

(e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Celiac and Inflammatory Bowel disease, MS, Lupus). This is a comprehensive program to address all aspects of health contributing to conditions that often lead to an auto-immune state.

Inflammation and Pain Management Program:

Do you have chronic pain and inflammation? If so this program is for you. Understanding the root cause can make all the difference when trying to find answers as to why the body is behaving the way it is.

Get a Handle on Your Hormones Women’s Health Program: This program is for women who are dealing with a condition due to hormone imbalances. It consists of a hormone test to assess the status of your hormones, relevant physical exam and a treatment program which consists of any of the following: bio-identical hormones, herbal treatment, acupuncture sessions. Some patients also have meal plan and exercise program added to the program.

Boost Your Fertility Program:

Are you struggling to conceive or maintain the pregnancy? If so, this program will help you understand the root causes and what you need to do. We will work with a variety of modalities to support you in having good health so that the conditions in your body are optimal for conception.

Integrative Cancer treatment programs:

This program emphasizes the importance of looking at all aspects of one’s health, not just the symptoms. Dr. Mehta can help you understand the root cause.

Customized cleansing programs:

Click here for more info!

Detoxification Programs:

The liver is an organ that aids in detoxification and metabolism. Detoxification protocols can aid the liver in functioning more optimally. In traditional systems of medicine, a healthy liver supports the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Any stagnation in liver energy can result in symptoms. Cleanses can be gentle for those new to it and more involved for the seasoned cleanser. Overall, we decide what makes the most sense for you and your body.

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