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My Talk At Live It Up Social Foundation: To Support Cancer Patients and their Friends and Family

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to offer a yoga and meditation session to Lilly Vakli’s Live It Up Social Foundation which was created to provide holistic knowledge and a social ambience for those in cancer treatment, those who have recovered and those who love them! (friends and family members).

It was a pleasure to share yoga and meditation which is a real passion of mine and has been for nearly 2 decades. I led a class and guided the group through poses that had the intention in creating a healing environment for each one to feel empowered and safe in a sacred space. I explained how the nervous system responds to various postures and how the breath works in aligning one with their heart. I shared  how cortisol levels have a chance to find harmony when one actively seeks to move into a state of meditation. I spoke of how there are 2 times when the body can heal best: while sleeping or while in a state of communion with one’s heart, or a meditative state.

As I was teaching, I looked around the room periodically to see how each was taking the information in. It was clear there was a collective sigh of relief in the room. A true gift to witness these beings find peace, even if for a few moments. When one can find peace once, he or she can return back to that moment as it is a new memory which holds a positive place in their psyche.

After the class, I spoke about 8 principles of healing which I felt are  important if someone truly wishes to heal. These principles are distilled down from all of my study and experiences over the last 18 years in inquiring about what it takes to create healing. I felt very happy to share these tips and some people who attended the talk shared they had never heard some of them before, but were very happy to now know them.

A big part of my mission is in the education and empowerment of groups, institutions and health professionals so that each is aware of the impact that holistic approaches provide.

Perhaps one can truly appreciate this when they have had an experience where they were seen in the highest light, for what they were and who they were capable of becoming in the midst of their difficult and challenging illness. This is a gift if one receives it and I believe it needs to be given more and more. Inspiration is force in healing that often is overlooked and yet, it is the most important ingredient in restoring the faith one has in him/herself to be able to overcome challenge in health.

My hope is that each seeks out inspiration in their healthcare journey. When faced with a challenge, it is all too easy to be swept away by the fear of not knowing, not understanding and drawing conclusions about the outcome which are not grounded in a holistic perspective.

I say to my patients and students- in any given moment, you are walking around with your body, your mind and your consciousness and spirit. If you do not take all these aspects of yourself into account when you are addressing any conflict, you are not approaching it correctly.

I remember studying linear algebra in university and although I did not persue math further than that, systems theory stuck with me. It just made sense that one needs to understand the whole to truly understand one part.

Of course, understanding can be a process, and inspiration can guide the way to greater clarity, peace and most importantly the lessons and teachings that come with any challenge, including an illness.

SO much more I can say on this- so for those who are intrigued, stay tuned for my book which is currently in the making. A passion project and necessary contribution I am making from all I have gathered, My intention: to inspire you to new heights within yourself, to create sacred space for the highest levels of healing to occur and to create inner and outer peace.

Best in health and happiness,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

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