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How to Become A Miracle Worker.

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When I was a child, I wanted to be a “Miracle Worker” when I grew up. 

Other careers did not make sense to me.
Now, let me define miracle first before you jump to any conclusions…
To me, a miracle is “something that happens outside of one’s current belief system.”
I have always been motivated by finding ways to reduce people’s suffering and pain. 
I thought to myself:  most people want the same things in life: love, peace, joy and ease
And yet, there are so many other states of being that seem to overshadow the genuine desires of human beings.
SO…what does it take to create a miracle?
If a miracle is something that happens outside of your current belief system, then destroying obsolete beliefs would be the call to action.
 Everyone has access to these kinds of miracles. You included.
So, how can you shift your perception or belief about a certain problem you believe to  have?
You start with what every miracle worker I have ever known does.
You let the barricades of belief collapse to the ground. 
You let the light in.
Miracle workers come to know the light that they are by understanding what created those barriers to start off with. 

Because underneath any barrier is a whole lot of light. 

So my question to you is, how can you let your walls come down?
How can you let the light in? 

What would a miracle be for you right now?

Become a miracle worker too.
It’s not magic. It just makes sense. 
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