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How Do I Know Which Eating Plan is Ideal for me?

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Yes, the confusing question- how do I know what to eat? If you are like most people who start researching ways of eating for better health, you get somewhat confused. 

Anti-inflammatory diet, Blood type diet,  Chinese constitutional diet, Ayurvedic Dosha diet, your family of origin diet, diet based on food sensitivities and then there is gluten-free, dairy free, wheat free…

How can you get clear on what way of eating works for your body?
How do you figure out what is ideal for you?

After studying many different eating plans , trying several out myself and guiding hundreds of patients in various dietary programs and cleanses, I have developed a system that is more focused on solutions rather than  what you can’t eat.

I like to start out with an assessment. When I do an initial consultation with my patients, I go through a comprehensive health history, as well as their goals, for example “I want more energy when I wake up in the morning” or “I want to be more spiritually aware” or “I want to get fit enough to hike up Machu Picchu.” 

I understand their current symptoms, and which systems and organs need support. For example, someone might come in with seasonal allergies and we may work on strengthening their digestive and immune systems. They might have high stress levels and are experiencing some eye twitching or anxiety, in which case we may also work with the nervous system.  Some organs we then may focus on are the colon, liver and brain.  I then determine what foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs , visualization techniques and other remedies will best address their concerns.

Many patients also get food sensitivity testing done, or try an elimination diet. Understanding which foods the body is rejecting is important in minimizing stress on the immune system and digestive system.

Understanding what your goals are comes next- Do you want to lose weight? Detoxify? Build muscle mass? Become Vegetarian or Vegan in a healthy way?

I also want to know what you ate as a child- ie. What are your comfort foods? What did your mother or father prepare regularly? Are you used to a Mediterranean diet/Indian diet/Japanese diet etc?

If someone is experiencing an inflammatory condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, then an anti-inflammatory diet is often recommended as it has shown good results in decreasing pain and inflammation with a number of patients I have worked with.  Certain diets give better results for certain kinds of concerns.

So to sum things up:

1. Having your particular health concerns assessed is the key to knowing which eating plan is ideal for you.
2. One diet alone normally does not address all your needs and can be hit and miss. 
3. Get clear on what your goals are as this can help in customizing a program suitable just for you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic of diets and eating plans, so please leave a comment below. To get come support in this department, give us a call at 604-731-7789 in Vancouver or 604-925-2225 in West Vancouver, or email dralexinamehta@gmail.com.

Infinite health,
Dr. Alexina Mehta šŸ™‚     

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