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Frequently Asked Questions: What you want to know about Naturopathic Medicine

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I receive many of these questions often and I thought to write this post to answer them.

1. What usually happens on the first visit?

When patients come in for the first visit, I meet the patient and focus my attention on learning about their health history, their current concerns, their lifestyle and their goals.  I may conduct relevant physical exam, discuss possible lab testing and also give recommendations to address their goals. I want to understand what is happening in all the different body systems, as the body works as a whole and not separately. My focus is to connect the dots in their symptoms and determine the root cause so that they are empowered in their health.

How is Naturopathic medicine different than Allopathic medicine and similar to it?
Naturopathic medicine is a complete system of medicine. It is comprised of diagnosis and treatment. Allopathic Medicine is also comprised of diagnosis and treatment. However, the one difference is our treatment options are many. Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors are both Primary Care Physicians. Naturopathic Doctors also have the ability to write prescriptions if needed. I love the precision that is possible with Naturopathic Medicine. Individualized care is the focus and many options are available since we have many treatment tools. I say to my patients that everything has a time and a place and wisdom is knowing when to use what.
How do Naturopathic Doctors and Allopathic doctors work together?
Many of my patients choose to have both an MD and ND on their healthcare team. We work together to support the treatment prescribed by an MD, and also make recommendations ultimately based on what is the best for you and your available options. 
Will my visits be covered?
Most extended healthcare plans cover Naturopathic visits. Best to check with your provider to be sure what and how much is covered.
Can my ND be my main doctor?
I have many patients that choose natural medicine as their primary approach. Other patients have both, and it depends on what works for you.

Is Naturopathic Medicine cost-effective?
Absolutely. Our goal is to address the root cause of your health concerns, and when we do that the potential for saving on healthcare costs elsewhere is huge.
How are naturopathic physicians educated?
Naturopathic Doctors have to do several pre-med requirements before attending Naturopathic Medical School. The actual program is an intensive 4 year medical program at an accredited school. After completing the Doctorate program, they write rigorous licensing exams in order to begin practicing in Canada.

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