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Freeing Yourself Through Dreaming and Sleeping

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This past weekend I headed to New Mexico to do some continuing education and connect with NDs and Chiropractors that came from all over North America for the course. On the plane ride home, I pulled out a book that I have not read for at least 8 years. It was sitting on my shelf for at least a year- the intention to re-connect with the teachings in the book was there, and the timing to reconnect was on that plane ride!

The practice of Dream Yoga and Sleep Yoga was what the book spoke of and highlighted some main teachings that I wanted to share with you:

Teaching #1:
Trust in the process. There is a perfect timing for all things.
Engaging with something when you are inspired makes you come alive inside. The fire burning to move forward is there to propel you into action.

Teaching #2
Our waking life and dreaming life are equally as important. Bring consciousness to your sleeping and dreaming life and you will begin to see shifts in your waking life. Most often one falls into the sleep state without clearing the mind. Clear the mind and you will reap the benefits.

Teaching #3
We have the ability to design our dreams in the night. By asking yourself to be present and using some of the practices outlined in the book, one can maintain consciousness in the dream and connect with higher parts oneself and higher guidance.

Teaching #4
We have the ability to “dream” our waking life. Gaining clarity in what we are projecting into the world allows us to see what is not working for us and what is working for us. If you do not consciously choose what you are creating in life, your creations are guided by the unconscious.

Bottom line: Whether dreaming, sleeping or waking, you never “go away”… by connecting more to your sleeping and dreaming states, I believe one’s power in manifestation and creation only grows. Read the book to learn more 🙂

Find the book here: http://www.amazon.ca/The-Tibetan-Yogas-Dream-Sleep/dp/1559391014

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