This Is How Negative Emotions Affect Your Skin

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It’s no secret that our emotions can have a powerful impact on our physical health. Negative emotions, in particular, can have a significant impact on our skin health. In this blog post, we’ll explore the relationship between negative emotions and … Read More

5 Peruvian Supercharged Superfoods!

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I recently was in Peru and being a Naturopathic doctor, it is instinctive for me to wonder what people are eating and what the inherent super foods are in any given culture. Seeing as how I was in Cusco and … Read More

A Prescription for Inner Peace

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Happy Day of Inner Peace! Today, October 27th is a day that marks a movement that each one of us in invited to embark upon…and that is the movement towards inner peace. How do you move towards Inner Peace? Well, … Read More

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