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Anxiety and Depression…and what you can do about it! Naturopathic Medicine Provides Options!

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When I ask my patients, “How do you want to feel,?” most of the time the answer is the same: Happy. Strong. Joyful. Peaceful. Calm. Inspired. Hopeful.
At Ease.

Sound familiar?

First of all, there are varying degrees of both of anxiety and depression.  It’s important to understand the degree to which this impacts one’s life as well as family history, a person’s coping mechanisms and their intentions for feeling better.

Second of all, there are many possible solutions. When I am working with my patient, the first thing I want to understand is when did the mood change, and what was going on in life at that time. This can give me a sense of the circumstances surrounding the situation and the degree of stress associated with it.

Then there is the physical side of things that is important to know. By understanding what nutrients might be low , what the food sensitivities are, where one’s hormone levels are at and which systems in the body are effected, I can customize a program to address the root cause of the anxiety or depression.

For example, in a condition like hypothyroidism, one of the symptoms can be depression. However, unless someone has their thyroid hormones tested, and thus addresses this via the appropriate solution, one is not addressing the root cause of the depression.

In addition, some people are taking medications, and side effects might include mood changes. However, one must ask the right questions in order to find this out.

Also, if you are sensitive to wheat and are consuming it several times a day, that can lead to a lot of extra stress on the immune system.  Extra stress in any form often translates to the mood dipping down or more anxiety.

If a person has low iron or B12 levels, this can also lead lead to mood changes and fatigue.  Lets face it, when one is fatigued, mood often changes too.

Some solutions include homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures and teas, acupressure and acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, biofeedback, lifestyle counselling, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, dietary recommendations, and supplement recommendations.  After speaking with my patient, I determine which solutions make the most sense.

In these cases, I often recommend keeping a thought diary. Many people have kept a food diary, however, a thought diary is powerful in terms of getting to know the automatic thoughts that come and go. Did you know that according to the Chopra Center, humans have 60,000- 80,000 thoughts per day? I am not asking you to write all these down, just the themes of your thoughts. Keep a thought diary for 3 days. Then look over the themes and patterns coming up for you.

My intention is to create infinite health for all those who I come in contact with. I’ve been in challenging places with my own health several years ago and can really relate to those who are having a tough time. Know that there are many solutions, and creativity goes a long way on the healing journey.

Yours In Infinite Health,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

Kitsilano: 604-731-7789
West Vancouver: 604-925-2225

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