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Announcing “Talk to Your Nature Doc” …Your burning health questions answered by Dr. Alexina

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Hello hello!

A special announcement for you: Talk to Your Nature Doc is a NEW opportunity that features  your burning questions answered by yours truly via this written blog and a new and upcoming online tv series. !!! 🙂

All you have to do is email your burning health questions to dralexinamehta@gmail.com and if your question is chosen, you’ll receive a special gift from our office just to say thanks for reaching out and asking about what is important to you…because chances are that if you thought of the question, many others are wondering about the answer too.

We start filming today, so send your question now to see if you get chosen!

So, what kinds of questions are welcome?

Well, as most of my audience knows, my passion is in inspiring and encouraging you to access your innate healing abilities so that you can thrive in life and learn how to be the best you can be!

 I’m open to questions that you might have always wanted to ask a doctor but didn’t because of various reasons. Nutrition, supplements, hormones, chronic disease, different kinds of therapies, emotions and the link to health, meditation, exercise, herbs, supplements and the mind-body connection are just a few examples of areas I can speak to.

So…here is your chance! I will only be able to respond publicly to questions that are not personal in nature, so if you have a private health question that requires individual understanding- better to book an appointment by calling 604-731-7789 or book yourself online here.

Lets get the conversation rolling…”Talk to Your Nature Doc” is here for you to better understand natural medicine, your potential for health, spirituality and inspirational living.

All my hope for your best life,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

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