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A Prescription for Inner Peace

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Happy Day of Inner Peace! Today, October 27th is a day that marks a movement that each one of us in invited to embark upon…and that is the movement towards inner peace.

How do you move towards Inner Peace?

Well, firstly, to move towards inner peace, we each need to make this a TOP PRIORITY. All of our efforts in life should steer us in this direction. If they do not, then that is an obstacle to peace.

When we ascertain certain values on things, we give them importance. After speaking to thousands of people over the years and hearing their life stories, their suffering, their trauma, their struggle…I can confidently say: If you value your body, your health, your relationships, your life, your purpose, your connection with the divine, your aspirations, your potential, than inner peace is the way to get there. 

If you knew, that your health depended on your inner peace, that the length and quality of your life depended on it, would you act differently, or at least attempt to act differently? If you knew that the way the next days of your life would unfold, whether good or not, depended on your inner peace, would you change?

Inner Peace is a choice. It requires an understanding that we are the ones who can bring this to ourselves. It cannot be granted externally- hence why it is called “Inner” peace. To bring this to ourselves, we must understand that anything that distracts us from inner peace- namely anything that causes suffering from the ego is a detriment to that inner peace. You can liken it to the stormy waters of an ocean vs the crystal clear calm of a lake. Our inner state is something we do have control over, and that is truly empowering. It is our will that provides us the impetus to move forward to change, for the better. 

Inner Peace also asks for a commitment. It’s a path we can choose to walk…whereby all of our thoughts, words and actions are held up against the truth of Inner Peace. Anything that is not in alignment with that peace becomes starkly clear and our innate intelligence can recognize that which is going to support our essence and therefore our life.

We are designed to live long, happy and healthy lives, however; suffering prevents this often, and many do not have the tools that can help them forgive, forget, reconcile, rectify and learn to become better. Choose to find the tools that liberate you to deep inner peace. 

To find peace also requires discipline. The discipline to continuously look at ourselves with compassion and love, for the sake of our life, this precious opportunity to become who we are meant to be.

The inherent desire to improve oneself is universal. The whisper within that we often ignore, is there, guiding us to goodness. Finding inner peace asks us to Listen. Listen to the goodwill in your heart; to recognize every being you will meet is also fighting many battles inside and that the small segment you see on the outside is not a representation of that being’s journey.

The only journey that we need pay very close attention to to find inner peace is our own journey. Only we have the ability to understand truly at the core, who we are, where we came from and where we are going. 

My wish for you, is that you find the courage to stand for your own inner peace…and in that process, you create beauty all around you, because peace is beautiful. 

“The real spiritual progress of the aspirant is measured by the extent to which he achieves inner tranquility.”  Swami Sivananda

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Deep Peace,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

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