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A glimpse into Dr. Alexina’s mind…

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When I was in my 4th year of Naturopathic College, we had to do a case study on a patient and describe all the different possible approaches and angles that one could take to help the person resolve the symptoms they came in with. My report ended up being nearly 20 pages long, about 14 pages longer then what was expected.
My teacher made a comment which has stuck with me all these years. He said, “This is a glimpse into Alexina’s mind.”
He had acknowledged something about me that still proves to be true several years later and something I have come to understand about what makes my style of healing unique.
I am committed to perseverance and finding solutions that lead to increased happiness and epic levels of health, not just mediocrity. One dear friend described me as like a “female Ganesh.” For those of you who don’t know, Ganesh is a Hindu God who is known to be a remover of obstacles and bringer of light, abundance and joy.
I love cracking unhealthy codes…especially the ones that distract one from being able to live their life without purpose and meaning. Truly, I feel like a warrioress and ambassador for your unfulfilled and un-lived life. I was speaking with a patient a couple weeks ago and said “Can you imagine what you would be doing with your time if you were not always thinking about your body discomforts?”
Can YOU imagine this possibility too?
So…back to a glimpse into my mind:
When you come to see me, I first pay attention to:
·        – What you write or don’t write in your intake form
·         –what you emphasize or do not emphasize when speaking to me
I am listening to the physical and emotional symptoms you are describing and I am seeking to understand what the main stressors are. I am connecting the dots in your story and trying to understand when things went side-ways. With the back ground I have, I can’t help but be intuitive and pick up on certain areas that stand out to me as possible places where I would want to ask you more questions about what happened and how you got there. 
I’m thinking about:
·         –Your diagnosis and the appropriate labs/testing to ensure we know exactly what we are dealing with
·         –The numerous different tools that I can offer you to see which ones are most appropriate for your situation
·         –Your personality and the style of treatment or therapy that makes logical sense for you
·         –The treatments you have done in the past that have and have not worked and why that might be
·         –What could nourish you – physically with food and herbs and emotionally with activities to promote ease and peace in your being
·         –The patterns that caused the imbalances in the first place
·         –Your strengths and what is possible for you
  You see, there is nothing in the world that brings me more joy then seeing you healthier and happier. And I hope a glimpse into my mind helps you open up to the possibilities for you that may yet be untapped…
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