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5 Principles to Awaken Your Inner Healer…Inspired By My Journey to Peru

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Healing is a Journey. Have you heard this statement before? When people are seeking guidance on how to “feel” better, the first thing that needs to be understood is that they are in a process and the destination changes as they change. We may think we want a certain outcome one day, but as we gain more clarity and peace within, we change and what we hope for changes. In essence, start the healing journey with the first step…accept where you are. Second step, breathe, create space to listen and observe. Third step, continue the second step…and continue the second step. Be open to what your inner guidance is asking from you so that you may improve yourself as a person. Surround yourself with wise guidance. In my experience, when people look at their situation as opportunity for learning, so much more benefit comes from the experience then simply arriving at a destination.

My recommendation is to see yourself on a trek. You need tools, and gear. These tips are just a few. There are many, many more. Hence why I am writing a book on them! Nonetheless, these tips, although seemingly simple, actually are difficult I find for most people to implement and critical to move forward to a better day, and better expression of yourself.

I have visited the sacred lands of Peru before, and each time I go I feel a deep sense of gratitude. There are some places on the planet that simply call you to come back again, to see, feel, taste and explore yourself in that land. Different places on the planet have unique energies, and each one of us will resonate differently based on our unique past and our future. I believe it is important to follow the inner call to where one in guided, from the heart. For me, sometimes fear will be present, and I need to find the courage to face that. I’m always grateful that I did. Courage is a very valuable quality in my mind. It is often underestimated, and yet, without it, one cannot move forward.

I wrote this blog post to put into words what has been a profound experience to me. To get a sense of the magnitude of Peru, pictures do better I feel. Feel free to follow me on my Instagram page, where you can see the photos from my recent journey in Peru. Just look up “dralexinacleopatramehta” and you will find me.

So, in summary, here 5 take-aways.

1. Take time out of daily life to connect with nature. I hope you take this tip seriously, because mother nature is a powerful force. Our bodies are made of the same elements as her, and when we find ourselves in nature, our nervous system has a chance to re-calibrate.
In Peru, we spent time in vast landscapes, and this greater sense of space gives one the deep relaxation that is necessary if we want to feel more well. We don’t get well when we feel tension. Peace and calm are key.
Here is a photo below of me in Macchu Picchu. It was a magnificent day. We hiked from the bottom of the town to the sacred site. I was tired, but oh so happy. Sacred sites emanate an energy that inspires you to find peace and be happy. I love Macchu Picchu. It’s heaven on earth.

2. Learn and Grow.
Develop yourself. Study. Spend time with elders who know about things that you do not yet understand. The point of our existence is learning lessons, applying those lessons and actualizing the love and wisdom. Below is a photo of the last living Incan Priestess from the Qu’ero Nation in Peru. This nation was discovered not long ago, and these people are deeply connected to mother earth and her wisdom. To spend time with this priestess was a true gift in the greatest sense of the word. She taught me, by her presence, about certainty in spirit and earth. She also taught me about steadiness and peace. She is incredible at the age of 91, to be able to hike up huge mountains, as if they were in her. Well, in a way they are. As a shamanic priestess, she carries a deep wisdom, and to be around that energy reminds me of that within me. This is why we need guides and mentors in life. Because they have traveled before us and can show us how to do things better with a bit more of a map. I have a lot of respect for people who take time to guide and mentor others. It’s a huge service they give, and it inspires me greatly.

3. Break Your Routine
To find a new path in life, a new journey, we need to break our routines. Even simply driving a different route then your usual to work is a good step in the right direction. The nervous system develops new pathways of activity and this allows us to grow as human beings. Take up a new hobby and challenge yourself. While in Peru, I had the great honor in taking part in the Solar Art Festival, where by we offered music and dance at a beautiful cultural center in Peru. I shared my classical Indian Dance. Below is a picture of me in the dance, in a moment where I am symbolically representing the Goddess Durga who helps us break free of negative tendencies by connecting to the power of the light. It was a challenge for me, exhilarating to face it and rewarding to accomplish my goal.

4. Eat simply. When I was in Peru, I took the opportunity to take a break from the usual complexity of eating. Just basic whole foods whenever possible was good. I ate less then I normally eat, and it felt good. I listened to my body and with all the spaciousness around us, it felt a bit easier to listen. With lots of activities going on, one needs to eat but just enough to live. I find most people consume far more food then necessary to be healthy. Remember to choose nutrient dense foods.

5. Meditate daily. I cannot recommend this enough. Meditating is simply observation and listening. Observation of your consciousness and listening to your inner being. Your inner being is your true self, and it is in your heart. Your love and wisdom reside there. Many people do not know where to start when they are advised to meditate. I am happy to send you a free 20 min meditation. Just email me at dralexinamehta@gmail.com and you can start. I also do teach meditation, so feel free to book a meditation session with me and help you learn as well as create a home practice for you.
You can call 604-731-7789 and my receptionist can help you or you can book online at:

I hope you find the courage to awaken your inner healer. It is a great gift you give yourself. Life is precious. This moment is precious. Drop inside, tune into your heart..and feel your inner healer. You can do it.

With love and gratitude
Dr. Alexina Mehta

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