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5 Health Tips For You As You Transition to Autumn

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As summery flower scents start to fade away, we are welcomed into Autumn. A time of crisp air, fresh breezes and rainbow colored leaves on trees and the ground. The body feels the change in season as we reach for boots, tights, and scarves. Here are some tips for your health to keep you moving smoothly into the next season with ease.

1. If you feel cold, cover up and bundle up. Staying warm and comfortable reduces the amount of stress the body has to manage at any given time.

2. Root vegetables (squash, carrots, ginger, tumeric, rutabega, turnip, daikon radish, maca root, radish, yam, purple potatos) are a great way to get comfort food without reaching for refined sweets and carbohydrates. Root vegetables are also grounding in nature and support a feeling of inner comfort that we tend to long for at this time of year.

3. Herbal remdies: Herbs are like food. They contain an energetic and physical substance that interacts with your energy. I like to think of herbs as if they had unique personalities. Immune modulators and Adaptogens are two groups of herbs that are especially helpful in keeping the strength of body up at this time of year.

4. Wash your hands. Think about your hands for a minute. Your hands are constantly in action. From picking up your keys to opening the car door, opening door handles in restaurants, bathrooms, offices, your fridge handle, washing machine door, dishwasher handle, touching your pets, grocery store carts…you get the idea! Now imagine where your hands go on your own body- rubbing your eyes, scratching your face, combing your hair…etc. Washing your hands can go a long way.

5. Do your inner healing. Stress due to various life situations causes people a lot of unwanted strife. Often one tries to shift stress at the level of the physical. Shifting at the energetic level makes a world of difference and allows you to come from an empowered place.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and please pass them on to all your friends and family. Everyone deserves infinite health and joy in their life.

Much light,
Dr. Alexina Mehta
Vancouver 604-731-7789
West Vancouver 604-925-2225

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