Ashleigh Fonseca

I have learned so much from Dr. Alexina and feel more at peace with my path. As a Life & Health Insurance Specialist, I am someone that is very aware of what someone’s family physician will educate the patient on and what their protocol is. I often find that there isn’t clear communication with the patient and family doctor; there seems to be areas that are rarely ever addressed if ever – such as Nutrition and Supplements. There are also sources of treatment that are quite straight lined through the medical system; almost like a bandaid approach to reactions from a state of ill health.

When I met Dr. Alexina, I knew that I had met my match. She was warm and genuinely caring, so smiling and always with a great perspective. I started to see her when I was pregnant and needed help managing my protein intake for my diet. She gave me all sorts of options and we discussed the requirements that I needed and I felt very good about my health decisions with her input. I always believed in what she is suggesting and trust her completely to use her expertise in the many modalities she has access to; to help me transform my body into a well working happy, healthy form.

I tell everyone I know, including my clients that it’s important to take care of your health and well-being; and often offer the experience to meet Dr. Alexina. I am proud to call Dr. Alexina my primary physician and care-giver. I haven’t had to see my family physician since before I was pregnant. I was referred by my family physician to a midwife clinic and after I had my son, I was very proud to see Alexina for anything I needed. It’s especially beneficial to see a Naturopath while you are pregnant or nursing; since you can’t take any medications if you have a cold, or if you have problems with digestion or if your baby gets exzema who knew it could be something that came from what I was eating.

I have learned so much from Dr. Alexina and feel more at peace with my path to a fully well working happy healthy form both inside and out.

Thank you Dr. Alexina.

Ashleigh Fonseca Squamish, BC

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