Your Harmonious Health Strategy: From Confusion to Clarity
Your Harmonious Health Strategy: From Confusion to Clarity

Join Dr. Alexina Mehta, Naturopathic Doctor, and Dr. Tanya Gee, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor as we embark upon a paradigm shift in healthcare.

Health is a reLOVEution! What are we all trying to heal?

When we ask this question it points to a doorway into ourselves. This doorway through the heart has all the answers we need. However, the heart within each one of us has been slowly dying…the less we listen to the wisdom of the heart, the more we suffer.

It is time to marry healthcare with spiritual truths.

Wisdom is found in every tradition where by the people questioned, “Who Am I?” and were led to the unifying truth that LOVE is our Essence.¬†Our vision is to share the integration of healthcare systems with spiritual truths (wisdom) that show us how to be healthy, happy, peaceful and on our own fulfilling path in life that affirms all the beauty and love that we are.

In a world of distractions, it is so very easy to get lost and walk down a path that causes suffering- emotionally, mentally, spiritually and eventually, physically. As healthcare practitioners, our hearts yearn to create bridges from what we have seen can provide inner peace.

Inner peace = A possibility for health and joy on every level of one’s being.

Our mission is to create bridges internally within ourselves, with each bridge guiding us back to the heart. In turn, we seek to show you how to do this too. In this workshop which will feel like a mini retreat just outside of the city, we will guide you carefully and consciously into: A PERSONALIZED HEALTH STRATEGY

You will receive:

@ The expertise of TWO Doctors (We will teach you all we know to help you).

@ LASER FOCUSSED COACHING with BOTH of us to assist you to create your OWN PERSONAL HEALTH STRATEGY, taking you away from confusion into CLARITY

@ A community of like-minded souls (community is an ingredient in healing that is often not encouraged and yet, the connection between fellow comrads is worth it’s weight in gold)

@ Explore and apply the 4 levels of healing immeditately with respect to your unique situation (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

@ Actualize a map of what one needs to do to heal thyself.

This workshop will be a light-hearted yet effective approach – come ready to laugh and experience joy even if what you are facing is challenging (we are both know for our laughter and we believe it is a vital ingredient in the therapeutic process :)

Who is this for?
– you have a health issue and you are seeking guidance
– you are healthy and are interersted in how to become more optimal in your overall health.
– you are interested in learning about the future of integrative medicine and being part of the movement towards inner peace in health and harmony with all of life

This retreat will take place in a beautiful sacred space sanctuary in the North Shore, just outside of Vancouver. Address released upon registration.


Only $199 – Register by sending an etransfer to:

Limited spaces – Register early as this will fill up!


A beautiful, healthy and delicious vegetarian lunch is included in the fee.


We will be touring with this workshop globally…if you or someone you know would like to host us, please email us at:

Blessings to all!

Dr. Tanya Gee and Dr. Alexina Mehta


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