Are you a Healthcare Practitioner or Healer with a mission to serve others? ie. Doctor (medical, naturopathic, TCM), nurse, massage therapist, acupuncturist, counsellor, psychologist, herbalist, nutritionist, personal trainer, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, energy worker etc?

Learn the entrepreneurial skills you need in order to establish an authentic, fulfilling and thriving practice!


  • Learn what is necessary in today’s reality to create a successful thriving practice.
  • Receive step by step guidance on how to implement your entrepreneurial ideas into reality.
  • Learn 100s of valuable tips on what can help you stay on track with your entrepreneurial goals.

Program consists of: 4 customized success mentorship sessions done at your convenience on phone or Skype

Areas covered:

  • Getting your ideas off the ground
  • Creating a social network around your venture
  • Social media
  • Marketing tips
  • Success tips
  • Mental attitude needed for helping professions
  • Authenticity and personal growth while operating your entrepreneurial venture
  • Community building
  • Habits for success
  • Common areas of challenge and how to address them
  • Creativity maintenance tips
  • Your personal areas of strength and how to draw them out to create the biggest impact
Fee: $150 per session: $600 (GST Included)


Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to book your first session.

Email if you have any questions.